We Specialize in:

Diverse Lead Generation

Lead Generation should be reflective of your style of work/life/being. Don't LOVE social media? Don't use it! Prefer collaborative outreach? Let's Implement it. We want your business growth to be you doing what you love most.

Funnel Design

We believe a client and customer journey can be nourishing, fun and evolving and so much more than just transactional. We specialize in creating innovative fun customer journey's and product funnels that serve your whole customer base and maximize the outreach of your creations.

Offer & Product Ecosystem Creation

Maybe you have a lot of offers and maybe you have just one. Regardless your products should be clearly speaking to whom they are intended for leaving an "I can't live without it" kind of feeling. Products are meant to be a part of an ecosystem that keeps serving the client over and over again!


While lead generation can be great, and the funnel can move visitors through your experience, if they are not converting into real dream aligned clients, you are just spinning your wheels. These systems are suppose to all point towards CONVERSION. And that is where the magic happens. We believe conversion begins at the start.

Stay in your zone of genius, let AI do the rest.

Your business should be a true reflection of you—effortless, peaceful, prosperous, and beautiful. While there's plenty of advice out there about crafting offers, discussing your work, and endless on posting social media, few resources focus on automating your backend operations to bring your dream clients to you. Even rarer are methods that fully align with your lifestyle to attract business. We believe that you should operate within your Zone of Genius, letting go of any tasks that weigh you down or snatch up your most valuable asset, your time. AI is the solution you've been waiting for—it's here to take over the heavy lifting, allowing you to shine and SCALE!

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The Mission

To create & implement sustainable, easeful, creator aligned lead-generation methodology to fill each and every one of your offerings.

For each facet of your business to serve an intentional growth nourishing purpose that informs and benefits other facets, and is reflective of your lifestyle.

To offer cost saving solutions to bring maximum value from each offering through the use of AI

To increase brand visibility through optimized SEO, and intentional PR & Community outreach or mutual benefit affiliate relationships.

To Develop a Brand Voice deck in AI for easy content and product development.

To extract and ecosystem of powerful products to serve your clientele at every price point.

To guide your clientele through an engaging and satisfying sense of white glove care throughout the customer journey.

Identify your divine & intentional business trajectory, and to have it honor the value of your time and genius.

Imagine your new Life with me....

You are here in the nick of time. This is a dawn of a new era of doing and I believe AI is the manifestation of a long time cry for help.


Waking up to your Purpose Living

Starting every day where your time flows, your business is naturally scaling, your time dedicated to the tasks you love.


Feeling Confident in a New Era

AI is an oncoming industry that is primed to redo everything in record time. If you decide to confidently lean in and leverage this gift of an ally you will be on the leading edge to developing the next era of living comfortably.


Generating Revenue with Less Doing

You will transform how you spend your most trusted ally, your time. You will plug in tried and true leading edge utilities to perform, optimize and evolve your revenue generating practices with less doing.


Experiencing new ways of Thinking

AI has a curious and powerful way of showing you parts of yourself that you may have not been able to see or frame as well as an objective outside party. Once you master how to best train and leverage AI you may re-evaulate all methods of expressing yourself.


Meeting your Next Era of Collaborators

When you have recaptured time from doing the mundane you can now attend or even host industry aligned events to increase your reach, your impact and your network. You can leave your impact as a leading beacon in a new era of work and business.


Experiencing True Passive Income

Passive income is one of those illusions that seems just out of reach. When you implement AI and start your day crafting your next offer or stream of income and CHATTING is your prime responsibility you will feel that luxury of income inside fully PASSIVE energy.


Staying in your Genius

Did you spend years in your expertise to only find you then needed to master Business, Marketing, Social Media and more. Imagine what resounding joy it would be to stay in your genius and leave the rest up to the "experts".

A new level of prosperity

Claim the prosperity and enjoyment of your time, your work and a new level of thriving.

Automate Lead Generation

Its likely you are best in service when you are serving your leads, not finding them. 10x your Lead Generation through clear messaging, automated funnels and more.

Experience Daily Flow

We love what we do and it shows in our work, and on the faces of our employees.

Master & Simplify any process

Bringing your vision into reality can get bogged down with doing, and we are on the precipice of an entirely new landscape of productivity. Simplify the realization of your project, get profitable in record time and have more enjoyment in the process.

Why work with us?

Stay in your Zone of Genius

There are some things you are meant to do, there are some you are not. AI is positioned to reveal to you aspects of yourself, your work and your expressions that were previously veiled behind the complexity of "doing". 

Our approach begins with listening—truly understanding your unique challenges, goals, and fears. Whether you're overwhelmed by the pace of technological change or seeking to leverage AI for greater efficiency and creativity, we're here to guide you through. Customized AI training and tool integration strategies are designed to meet you where you are, helping you to navigate the future with confidence.

Empathy at Our Core

Alana's journey, marked by a blend of mastery of tech and empathetic guidance, shapes a new way of leveraging technology to serve your conscious business . Whether simplifying workflows or unveiling the creative potential of AI , Alana's work reflects a deep understanding of the human side of using technology. As one client put it, "Alana helped me restructure my life and work with technology, making everything feel simple and intuitive. I've found new space for creativity I never knew I had."

A Partner in your AI Journey

"Alana operates from the highest space of love—reflecting to you your true greatness and illuminating the fullness of your potential." We extend this philosophy to every interaction including how you use technology to grow your business, ensuring you have the resources, support, and inspiration to continuously evolve.


Meet your Guide.

With over two decades of experience in technology, personal development, marketing and advertising Alana Aviel has pioneered a transformative approach to artificial intelligence, making it not only accessible but also a powerful ally for professionals and leaders across various industries.

Alana holds a profound belief in the potential of AI to enhance and un-complicate, our lives. Over 20 years in tech she was observing human behavior, learning strategies and styles of living. Alana then unplugged from the complex, over solutionified model of tech, to developing this distilled and human empowered practice. Her deep expertise and visionary insight led to the creation of AI Allies, a platform dedicated to unburdening leaders of conscious commerce by demystifying AI. Here, Alana combines cutting-edge technology with personalized, intuitive learning methods, guiding clients from AI curiosity to mastery.

What sets Alana apart is not just her unparalleled knowledge of AI but her unique ability to translate complex technological concepts into simple, actionable strategies. This skill has revolutionized the way businesses and individuals harness the power of tech, turning daunting challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.

As a respected industry leader in tech, conscious commerce and marketing, Alana has burgeoned a new approach to serving dream clients. Her commitment to bridging the gap work, play and expansion has not only placed her at the forefront of the field but has also illuminated a path for countless others to follow.

Eliminate these threats to the realization of your dream.

You are here in the nick of time. This is a dawn of a new era of doing and I believe AI is the manifestation of a long time cry for help.

Overwhelm Due to Multifaceted Roles:

Coaches and leaders often wear multiple hats, managing tasks that span various expertise like marketing and web design, which can lead to burnout and inefficiency. AI can automate many of these tasks, from creating marketing content to managing websites, allowing you to focus more on your core responsibilities.

Inefficient Lead Generation:

You may struggle with consistently generating quality leads. AI-driven tools can enhance lead generation processes by targeting ideal customer profiles and optimizing marketing campaigns in real time.

Complex Technology Setups:

The complexity of integrating multiple technology systems can be daunting. AI solutions offer streamlined, user-friendly interfaces that simplify technology integration, making it accessible for all proficiency levels. We believe in the Less is More Model

Poor Time Management:

Are a huge amount of time on your backend? AI tools like smart calendars and task managers can help prioritize tasks, set reminders, and automate scheduling, improving overall time management.

Underutilization of Data:

Who wants to be a data analyst? Not me. That is why it is for AI to analyze data to provide actionable insights, help understand market trends, and tailor services to meet your client needs more effectively.

Difficulty Scaling Business Operations:

More revenue should not mean more work. AI can manage operational tasks, customer service, and even handle some aspects of client interaction, facilitating scalable growth.

Inconsistent Public Visibility and Authority:

Building a public profile and authority doesn't have to mean constant content creation. AI can help create, schedule, and analyze the performance of content across multiple platforms, boosting visibility and authority.

Limited Client Engagement and Retention:

Keeping clients engaged and curious is a key aid to conversion. AI can provide insights into client preferences and predict churn, enabling proactive and fun engagement strategies.

Barrier to Entry of New Technologies

Fear or misunderstanding of how to implement new technologies can prevent use at all. We believe that the intuitive and conversational integration of AI elements will keep you engaged in using them as your primary aide.

The Proof

"I love the way I am dictating more. AI is so good for me because it helps me define the structure and concept for my book. A whole new approach is freed up by the fact that AI is my partner. This is very exciting because I feel great efficiencies coming, combined with a state of flow. " 

Mette Norgaard, Strategic Leadership and Learning and Author of Touchpoints.

"Alana has a beautiful approach of taking relevant and specific facets of life situations, then combining her knowledge and actual experience into a fresh and vital way of viewing this world and our place in it and within ourselves. She never dictates the path, but mindfully guides me to find the answers within. I leave her sessions feeling completely upgraded and invigorated. I carry multiple lessons and phrases from her sessions around with me, using them confidently in various life situations. As a reminder, I use this mantra in moments of challenge, "what would Alana say", to help me center and navigate. Alana is the Queen of mic drops. She often pauses after or repeats her words slowly, so the meaning and impact truly sets in. Alana's teachings don't need to be written down and studied, they need to be embraced, practiced, and embodied. Thank you, Alana!”

- Chris

"I really appreciate Alana's support so much! First of all it is just a gift to be in her wise, uplifting, inspiring and compassionate presence. She sees and understands where you are at while holding the perspective of your fullest potential. Her encouragement is heartfelt, kind and very empowering. Even though you can sense that she is connected to a deeper knowing of what is really going on, I really appreciate her way of elegantly asking questions that will help you to find and experience your own answers and open to new spaces of awareness. Working with her is a poetic, enlightening and beautiful experience. Also, the imagery and words that flow through her really hit the spot and are amazing codes for believing in and creating a new reality."


“Experiences with Alana are mind-blowing every time!” 


"This technology she provides from the quantum field she can also provide in our earthly reality as my website crashed last week and all my systems broke down and she went in and fixed it immediately and streamlined me so efficiently (including with AI) that I was once again blown away; it would have taken my former technician days to figure it out 🙏🏻"

-Kristin Kilmer, Renowned Interior Architect

It's like having All hands on Deck

Quantum Leap Session

Business Evaluation

Something stuck in your business? Leads not coming in? Trouble filling your offers? In this one-time, one-on-one meeting, you'll:

  • Uncover the potential of AI within your specific context.
  • Gain insights into how AI can streamline your workflow and enhance creativity.
  • Receive recommendations for AI tools and strategies tailored to your immediate needs.

This session is perfect for individuals seeking a snapshot of AI’s benefits for their work and life, offering a powerful punch of the empowerment AI can bring, as well as create a quantum leap in revenue.

$222 Single Assessment

Let's Make a Leap

Conscious Commerce Evaluation

Multi-Session Deep Dive & Design

Embark on a more comprehensive journey towards AI integration for the growth of your conscious business. This package includes four tailored sessions that build upon each other to:

  • Develop your custom designed, intentional growth strategy.
  • Learn how to train Ai in your brand voice.
  • Identify and develop your core client nourishing offers.
  • Shift into the lifestyle of a semi-automated business, including lead generation.

Ideal for individuals ready to seriously explore AI's impact on their professional or creative endeavors and commit to a tailored plan of action to evolve their workflow beyond belief.

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Team Evaluation

Has your team enthusiastically, and possibly haphazardly adopted AI and you are finding that while productive, it is eroding your brand voice, copy quality or lines of communication?

Bring your team into a unified and designed practice to preserve your company asset's. A quick read down social media or any page on the web can reek of AI influence if you are not implementing innovative and aware practices to leverage AI into an elevated experience not, carbon copy crap machine.

We will develop your company's AI practices so that you are seen as a leading implementor, not by the AI signature being left behind, but because the authentic and accuracy of your work is impeccable and beyond.